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Starting Student Manager Reports

  • You can start Student Manager Reports inside Student Manager by selecting Reports > Report Design Wizard.
  • Or you can double-click the Student Manager Reports icon on your Windows desktop.

If this is the first time you've run Student Manager Reports, you're asked for some setup information.

If the Automatically check for updates option in the Options dialog is turned on, Student Manager Reports checks our server to see if a newer version is available, and if so, displays a dialog with information about the new version.

If you have not activated Report Wizard yet, a Welcome dialog appears informing you how many days you have left to use the program without activating it.

You're then asked to log in. Enter the user name and password you were assigned (initially, these are both "ADMIN"). The login dialog has a link to the Setup dialog. This is useful if you need to change something about the Student Manager Reports setup before logging in. This link is only available if you log in as an administrator.

The Reports Explorer appears next. You can select an existing report and print or preview it, or create a new report if you are using a license other than Basic.

If Student Manager Reports closed due to a problem and you were in the middle of editing a report in a report wizard, the next time you start the program, it prompts if you want to recover and continue editing that report. Choosing No abandons the recovered report so the changes are lost.

To display help information, click the Help button or press F1.